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Amaventure is a fundraising project based around climbing Ama Dablam; an iconic mountain in the Himalaya. In climbing Ama Dablam, Luke Jones and Paul Butcher will aim to raise money for the GEM appeal; a charity which funds research into Hunter Syndrome.

Luke’s godson Harry suffers from Hunter syndrome, a rare but potentially devastating disease caused by a genetic disorder that is present at birth. It affects Harry’s ability to break down sugars in his body and the result is that his physical and mental development is impaired. Although the symptoms are varied and broad ranging, Hunter Syndrome almost always limits lifespan, in severe cases to a little as 10 years.

The good news is that Harry was diagnosed relatively early in life and has been receiving ground breaking treatment in the Willink Unit at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. This unit carries out research into genetic disorders such as Hunters and provides treatment which is now extending lives. As a result, Harry is in many ways growing normally and developing in much the same way as most 8 year old boys; he plays football, rides his bike and generally enjoys life to the full. This is all thanks to the Willink Unit and the funding that has been provided by the GEM Appeal.

The Willink Unit is now providing over 2000 children with very specialised care and is also continuing to develop more sophisticated treatment through ongoing research. But it is expensive to fund. The money raised for the GEM Appeal through Amaventure, will all go to the Willink Unit; and really will help children like Harry to live longer. 

Paul and Luke have been climbing together since their time at the University of Chester. They have climbed several mountains in the United Kingdom and the Alps; and in 2011 raised £1300 for the GEM Appeal by climbing the Weisshorn in Switzerland. While this climb was a serious but enjoyable undertaking, the opportunity to raise money for Hunter Syndrome came to be the most successful part of the expedition and has inspired them to take on greater challenges.

Paul and Luke have now come together under the name Amaventure, a name that encompasses our adventure, with the aim of raising over £25,000 for the GEM Appeal by climbing Ama Dablam in the Autumn of 2014. It is important to us to mention that 'amaventure' would not exist without the help, guidance and funding of 'Altlogic' - our Primary sponsor - and by way of thanks, we encorporated their corporate colours and logo design into ours.  More information on 'Altlogic' can be found via their link on the sponsors page.  Thank you Robin and the team at Altlogic.  

Paul and Luke will work with local schools, develop an educational website and also run a number of charitable events in the time before they depart for the Himalaya in 2014. All with the aim of raising as much money as possible for the research and treatment of genetic and metabolic disorders that impact so heavily on the families of affected children. 

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